Matthew 11:15 (NIV)

He who has ears, let him hear.
Matthew 11:15 (NIV)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My friend has Cancer

July 29, 2013 (Monday)
Yes... It's true, just as the title says, my friend has cancer.  A couple of weeks ago my DIL (daughter-in-law) told me that she had a lump on her throat and had been concerned about it for a while. She hadn't told anyone because she didn't want to cause any unnecessary worry. When the word "lump" left her mouth and was received into my ears it caused my eyes to almost pop out of my head and my heart to race. The only words my brain could construct were, "what's the matter with you??! You need to tell your husband and make a doctor appointment A.S.A.P.!!!" She agreed and a week later she was seeing the doctor where he told her she needed a sonogram. This was really no surprise to us since we figured this would be the result of the first doctor visit. Thankfully, she was able to have the sonogram done that same day. Now, we wait. 

It seemed like the days we waited to hear the results went by slowly but she was in the middle of house shopping so it was a welcomed distraction. The phone call finally came letting her know that they would need to run another test since there was definitely a mass on her thyroid.  This particular procedure would require expressing liquid from the mass with a needle... Six times. 

Within the week we were at the facility with nerves in a bunch. When they called her name she and her husband, Johnny (and my son), stood up like brave little soldiers and marched through "that" door. You know, the door that only those whose names have been called may pass through.  The rest of us stay seated, watching our loved ones disappear behind the shutting door.  We leaned as far over as we could continuing to watch for as long as possible as they walked away.  When they emerged from behind the door she had a small bruise on her neck, where the thyroid would be, and was sore.  She went home to rest and kept a positive attitude. Now, we wait some more.  

The weekend was upon us and we knew we wouldn't hear anything till Monday but most likely Tuesday. Monday was a long day but the house hunting was still a huge distraction especially since the lease on the house they lived in would expire on Wednesday, with no promising leads. At this point, I had sorta forgotten all about "the lump" and was trying to help come up with plan B in regards to living arrangements for my children. With not much room in my own house I was trying to see how we could temporarily rearrange furniture, 4 people, 3 dogs, and 1 cat in order to fit 2 extra people and 2 medium size dogs. (Nothing like a little Tetris) 

Monday was almost over, hubby (our family always refers to him as Papa so from here on out this will be his name) & I were settling down for the evening knowing that the house hunt would continue first thing in the morning. We heard noise at the front door, it swung open, in walked Johnny & Tasha. We were very surprised and happy to see them but I notice that Johnny seemed as though he had been crying. I looked over at Tasha and her eyes seemed worn like maybe she had cried as well. I didn't want to ask about it because I figured the stress of the move (with no where to move) was getting the best of them.  Johnny & Papa did a little small talk then Tasha shot a glare in Johnny's direction. Now I knew that their visit wasn't just a casual one. Johnny started off by saying that they had some bad news but it would be followed by a bit of better news. I knew for sure it was to say that they would need to stay with us (not bad news for me... I was thinking "sleep-over!").  I was not in the least bit prepared for the next words that came from his mouth, "We got the results back from the doctor and Tasha tested positive, she has cancer." I was stunned, I had no words, I felt like I was in a dream. He proceeded to say that the the type of cancer she had was the best cancer to choose should one decide they needed  to choose.  "It's thyroid cancer and it should be as easy as removing the thyroid, which in turn removes all of the cancer." Papa & the rest of the family then prayed over Tasha. We had a few more questions but obviously no one had answers since they had just been given the news.  We hoped that the next few days would bring more answers as we waited to see which specialist and hospitals she would need to go to. All we could do for now was hug our precious daughter. They left after awhile since they still needed to break the news to her mother. We hugged some more and said our good-byes.

I decided to take a shower where I finally broke down crying. All I could think to say was, "Lord, I know you have my family in your hands and You are in control of this situation. My tears, Lord, are not because I do not trust you but just as a release of my emotions. I love you Lord and I DO trust You"!  It was that moment that The Lord spoke to my heart saying that it was okay to cry and that I could rest on His shoulder.  

Side note - I am an avid watcher of "The Amazing Race" and I have with all my heart longed to be a participant.  Wait for it... My side note will make sense in just a moment. 

He also spoke to my heart saying, "You have always wanted to play 'The Amazing Race'. You ARE in a race, the most important race you can ever run. It's MY race that you and I have been running this whole time. This is just another obstacle in "The Race" where you will need to hold on tight to Me." 

This revelation inspired this text to my friend: "We have been down rough roads before and we have survived. Even when we couldn't see, hear, or feel The Lord... He was most certainly there!! YOU, my amazing race friend, ARE a survivor and in Jesus name you shall have a testimony that will minister to millions!! I love you Friendt... Lets roll!!" 

(Friendt is not misspelled, this is how we endearingly refer to each other)

Side note to the side note - hopefully my  affinity for "The Amazing Race" now makes sense. I love how The Lord speaks to us on our level of likes and dislikes. HE is an AMAZING God! 

The news of my friends cancer may be very difficult to swallow and I totally understand. I will continue journaling in hopes of keeping you posted of the things  I learn along the way in regards to being a strong support for my DIL. But most importantly keeping you updated on Tasha's health so you may join my family in praying for her. 


  1. I will definitely be praying for her and the family. love y'all

  2. God is Amazing and he never forgets us even though we may feel he is not near...God is in control and he will never forsake. I stand with you in prayer...

  3. I have never posted or followed a blog before and not sure if I am doing this right now. My first post did not go through:

    I stand in agreement with all for our precious angel Tasha. I was first blessed to meet her when she attended a Youth Camp at S. Padre Island. She immediately became my Daughter-of-heart and have loved her since. She has always been an inspiration to me and I will continue praying and believing that all prayers will be answered and she will be able to share her miraculous healing as she continues serving the Lord. Mama Terri, thank you for loving Tasha like her mother and sharing your words as we walk this journey with your family. May God continue to bless Tasha and ALL her family.

    1. Thank you guys for your prayers! Our family appreciates them more than you know!!